Accommodations for Travel Nurses in San Diego


As with most people, travel nurses don't like returning from work to a rundown place with slow internet and no amenities for cooking. Consequently, finding the right lodging is an important part of their profession.

A mild climate and access to basic services or entertainment locals, preferably within walking distance, are sometimes as important as safety and functionality.

The more adventurous travel nurses might seek out trendy areas, scenic surroundings, or places with a particular personality. The San Diego area offers all that in spades, and Cardiff-by-the-Sea is one of the prettiest beach towns around, located right next to Encinitas and Carlsbad. It is somewhat famous for its craft beer scene but nestled between South California vineyards to the east and the Pacific to the west, you'll also find good wine at affordable prices, as well as relaxing beaches to enjoy while admiring the sunset.

This being Southern California, you'll find plenty of opportunities to take on or practice surfing, with many local businesses willing to rent boards or offer lessons. The more laid back types will probably prefer the area's many beach bars and cafes. These range in sophistication from working-class joints to trendy hipster places that sell gourmet drinks in minimalist decor.

Cardiff is located some 30 minutes driving distance from downtown San Diego, close enough for a short commute but far enough to keep the hustle and bustle of the city at a respectable distance. San Diego might have a low crime rate for its size, but Cardiff is as safe as throwing cotton balls.

A list of the best San Diego hospitals with travel nurse jobs:

Cardiff Vacations Long-Term Rentals

For long term stays of anywhere between one to three years, we offer fully furnished and equipped luxury apartments that are big enough to house an entire family, or two to three nurses if you are looking to split rent. All houseware is included, so you'll only have to pack your clothes when moving in.

San Diego Home and Garden found it suitable to praise the design choices we made for our condos, and these were partly made with the needs of the long-term tenant in mind.

We aimed for a modern, NY chic look, but didn't neglect elements that would create a warm, homey atmosphere so that the inhabitant won't end up feeling alienated by a cold or clinical space.

To best accommodate your specific requests, reservations should be made directly with the owners. We accept calls from both individual nurses and agencies looking to house personnel.