Carlsbad Luxury Ocean View Vacation Rentals

The city of Carlsbad is a full of life, busy city, and the people here often look to a more peaceful location for a relaxing getaway and Cardiff-by-the-Sea is just the right place for that.

Carlsbad residents choose Cardiff-by-the-Sea as their staycation destination due to its tranquil vibe, friendly community, and, of course, local attractions nearby:

Especially now, with the coronavirus pandemic still affecting our lives, stress levels can increase and everyday life can leave us drained. A staycation in a peaceful, serene location such as Cardiff-by-the-Sea can do the trick for you and you can return home feeling recharged and ready to take on life's challenges. Mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation are very effective in reducing stress levels, anxiety, calming the mind, and even boosting your immune system. Luckily, Cardiff-by-the-Sea is also a spiritually rich area where you can find some unique meditation and yoga places:

Our Ocean View Luxury Accommodations for the Best Carlsbad Staycation Experience

Whether you are a local looking for a staycation around Carlsbad or you're a treveler looking to experience what the area has to offer, our accomodations are sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience. We offer short or long-term accommodations in three different villas, located in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, just 15 minutes away from Carlsbad. The Parkhouse, the Penthouse, and the cozy ocean side Seacottage, are all fully equipped, benefit from a fast internet connection, lovely ocean view decks, and are ready to welcome you all year round.

Parkhouse Villa 2br/2ba

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Penthouse Villa 2br/2ba

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Seacottage Villa 2br/1ba

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