Swami's Beach Encinitas - Best Surfing and Spiritual Location


The internationally known surfing spot, a point break, located in Encinitas, San Diego County, California Swami's Beach draws up surfers from around the world, especially during the fall-winter seasons when waves can surpass 10 feat. On those days surfers line up to catch their big wave and the cliffs above are packed with onlookers.

Swami Beach got its name after Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, an Indian monk, yogi, and guru that chose the grounds and hermitage of the Self-Realization Fellowship ashram, built-in 1937, to overlook this reef point. This confluence of the ashram, its hermitage and lovely gardens with the world-class waves that wrap around point break and the breath-taking views, give Swami's a mystical allure.

This magical place also has the most competitive high-performance waves in all of California and you really need to know your surf in order not to cause or get in trouble here.

Best Surf Spots in California

Its well-defined walls of water place Swami's Beach, Encinitas on the same spot with other iconic surf sites in the county like Windansea in La Jolla and Trestles near the border with Orange County. During its winter good swells Swami's Beach lives up to the reputation as a world top-surfing spot because of its standout right point break, as well as fun reef breaks, and beach breaks

From the shores of San Diego all the way to Northern California, the Golden State's coastline offers different types of waves for all types of surfers. In 2018 surfing was crowned as California's official sport and it is celebrated on September the 20th. Swami Beach Encinitas is amazing, but here are some more of California's best surfing spots:

  • Windansea Beach, La Jolla
  • Swami's Beach, Encinitas
  • Trestles (San Onofre State Beach), San Clemente
  • The Wedge, Newport Beach
  • Huntington Beach Pier, Huntington Beach
  • Surfrider Beach, Malibu
  • Rincon Point, Carpinteria
  • Pismo Beach Pier, Pismo Beach
  • Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove
  • Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz
  • Mavericks, Half Moon Bay

If you're planning to take on the waves at Swami's Encinitas you need to know that because of the highly competitive nature of the surfers to catch the big waves that come in sets every five minutes, bodysurfing and bodyboarding on Swami's Beach Encinitas are rare and not recommended. The level of fitness required for paddling out here is above that of what other breaks require. This happens because of the big distance from Swami beach to the main peak that can be several hundred yards.

There are two ways that surfers generally paddle out to the main peak on Swami's Encinitas. The more common way is to approach from the south of the break (directly in front of the lifeguard tower) and paddle through the deep water, around the break (known as the channel). The second method of paddling out is quicker while also much riskier. This method is referred to as paddling out through the back door and it requires walking north about two hundred yards and approach the main peak through a rougher, more turbulent shortcut. As a novice surfer, you should avoid this method as it requires great skill and fitness.

Also, if you want to take some surf lessons or rent the necessary equipment, Everyday California offers a 20% discount with the code "CARDIFF20" for all of our checked-in clients!

More Fun things to Do on Swami's

If surfing is not for you, every morning people practice yoga on the sand, while others exercise by climbing the five-story flight of stairs ( 140 some steps) that connect Swami Beach to the bluff-top parking lot of Swami's Park. Up by the parking lot, there are comfortable benches from where it is wonderful to just watch the waves and the surfers and let go of any stress or tension you might have in your life. And speaking of the parking lot - If the parking lot is full, the alternative is to park along the highway outside of the park entrance.

Another fun and popular activity on Swami's Beach Encinitas are tide pools. You can take some amazing Instagram pictures and maybe get to see some sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, barnacles, or anemones trapped in them - don't worry they'll be just fine until the tide rises again. The best time of the year to go tide pooling is late fall to early winter( Nov - Feb) when the tide is low during daylight hours.

  • Watch surfers from the shaded park at Swami's and enjoy a lovely picnic
  • When the tide isn't too high, walk south into San Elijo State Beach
  • Walk north into a spot below the steep bluffs, called Boneyard
  • Enjoy a breakfast burrito or a multi-grain pancake at Swami's Cafe

Encinitas, California really has the best weather with 261 "pleasant" days and an average temperature between 55 to 75 degrees there is no bad time to visit. The busiest seasons for tourism in Encinitas are the spring and summer months, from march to august which makes them perfect for looking for things to do. With an average high between 69.2F and 63F winter months ( December - February) are somewhat cool for warm weather seekers and thus the slowest month for tourism, but still with plenty of fun activities.

Swami's Beach in Encinitas gives us what is probably the best view of the California coastline. With the best sunsets, gold-like glittering sand and friendliest people, Swami's is clearly a local favorite and as the name suggests this is one of the calmest beaches you will ever visit. It is truly a blessed location.

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