Must-Visit Surfing Spots on Your Cardiff Vacation


Breathtaking coastlines, great weather, and year-round waves make SoCal one of the top surf destinations of the world. There are lots of fun breaks in SoCal and Cardiff, this beautiful beach spot in between Carlsbad and Encinitas is no exception.

Some breaks are more localized than others, but the vibe in the water is quite friendly. This place is rich in stunning beaches and exciting places for surfers and non-surfers alike. Here are some of our favorite surfing spots you should visit on your family or friends vacation in Cardiff-by-the-Sea:

Swami's beach is a stunning right point break, providing exceptional rides for intermediate and advanced surfers. Winter is the best season at Swami's and summer is the worst, but it can get pretty good just about any time of the year. On good surfing days, you'll find the entire surfing population of North County here. The Swami's parking lot is on the south side of the Self-Realization Center, where you'll find the locals hanging out, lounging, playing music, and celebrating life. It's a cool spot with good vibes. It is known as one of the best surfing spots in the U.S.

Cardiff Reef is a quaint beach park and it's a great place for families. Cardiff Reef typically breaks right and left, with waves for both professional and novice surfers to enjoy year-round. Whether you surf or not, this is a great spot to hang out on the beach and have fun in the waves.

D Street is next to Moonlight Beach. They're basically the same beach and the most populated during summer months. This fun beach break is best on southwest-northwest combination swell. It breaks year-round but the combo swells are most common during spring and fall.

Grandview is a true wave magnet: southwest swells, northwest swells, combo swells, there's usually something to surf here any time of the year and it is suitable for beginners and advanced surfers as well.

Beacon's is a great spot for hanging out with the locals and surfing with numerous breaks and a nice roll. You can find some pretty talented surfers here. If you don't surf, just take a sunbath and watch them rip. It's also a great place to admire the sunset.

Surfing in San Diego

If you're done relaxing in a luxury vacation rental and want to enjoy the ocean view and experience the waves, the San Diego area surfing scene is abundant and colorful and you can definitely find the most suitable waves for your surfing level and skills. Here are some of the best surfing spots:

  • Windansea, La Jolla
  • Silver Strand State Beach, Coronado
  • Imperial Beach Pier, Imperial Beach
  • Ocean Beach, San Diego
  • Mission Beach, San Diego.
  • Pacific Beach, San Diego
  • Tourmaline Surfing Park, San Diego

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