Why Cardiff-by-the-Sea Has the Best Beaches?


If you're dreaming about a relaxing vacation on the beach, away from San Diego's busy downtown where you could swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy a fairytale-like view, we've got the perfect suggestion for you!

Located ideally just between the memorable beach town of Encinitas to the North and La Jolla to the South, Cardiff-by-the-Sea delights thousands of visitors every year with its stunning, world-renowned beaches.

Less than an hour's drive away from San Diego you'll find a charming vacation venue filled with sunny days and cool ocean breezes, just perfect for a relaxing evening along the 2.6 miles of coastline crammed with some of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever gaze your eyes upon.

The Best Beaches in Cardiff

  • The Cardiff State Beach with its two, day-use access points, one in the North, right at the entrance to San Elijo Lagoon, and the other one on the South end, known as Seaside Beach. This one attracts a lot of surf enthusiasts and its two reefs make it a perfect location for diving as well. When the tide is out the reefs expose themselves and you'll have the chance to admire the fantastic tide pools there and discover all sorts of interesting sea creatures. It's also very family and dog-friendly, and parking spots are really easy to find.
  • San Elijo Beach is located further North, stretching from San Elijo Lagoon all the way up to Swami's State Beach in Encinitas. You'll find it in front of a lovely campground for overnight camping. This one is still many's favorite and the views as you walk down to Cardiff from Encinitas will blow you away.
  • The Cardiff Reef, one of the most popular surfing spots in the state is located just south of the campground along with a series of restaurants offering some of the finest dining options on the West Coast, with a complete set of cuisines and extra attention to seafood.

Even though the location sees the most traffic March through November, it's a great vacation venue during the winter months as well. With temperatures reaching into the 70's, you may not want to go for a swim (though you just might), but the beaches are much less crowded during this season which could make for a great winter city escape and allow yourself to admire the ocean views more privately.

The Best Spots to Relax and Admire the Ocean

There are a lot of spots in Cardiff where you can enjoy the beautiful views but to be fair...there's no place better than one where you feel right at home. Our vacation rentals have been specifically designed to offer you not only the best experience you can get from your accommodation but to make you feel like you've found your home-away-from-home.

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No matter what season you decide to enjoy a vacation, Cardiff-by-the Sea is one of the best choices. Whether if you want to enjoy a luxury Penthouse or a cozy beach house, here you will get the leisure and excitement you are looking for.