Ocean View Rentals for Cruise Ship, Yacht and Boat Workers


Located in a beautiful natural setting, Cardiff-by-the-Sea is like a peaceful oasis away from the city's hustle and bustle but still close enough to it so you can take advantage of what the big city has to offer.

The vibrant city of San Diego is just 20 minutes away and you can also reach the city by means of public transportation such as trains and busses.

San Diego is a very popular city for exploring the ocean's waters, this can be done in various ways. One of the city's main attractions is its beautiful bay area. The San Diego Bay area offers great offshore opportunities to have a good time and it is a great place for those looking for work in the boating industry.

Here you can find various boating services providers that may be looking for a helping hand:

  • whale watching tours
  • private boat rentals
  • cruise ships
  • yachts rentals

San Diego is home to many interesting attractions but so is the area in and around Cardiff-by-the-Sea. We have put together different comprehensive guides to the various local attractions in the area so it's that much easier for you to decide how you want to spend your free time.

I invite you to check out our Cardiff-by-the-Sea daily planner for more information on local places, interesting attractions, and fun events.

Our Stylish Yet Cozy Ocean View Rentals

We offer short or long-term accommodations in three different villas which are all fully equipped and benefit from a fast internet connection, The Parkhouse, The Penthouse, and the cozy ocean side Seacottage. Our apartments are the perfect setting for a relaxing, refreshing retreat, with a magnificent ocean view that can be taken in from our fully furnished decks and a decor that will make you feel right at home.

Parkhouse Villa 2br/2ba

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Penthouse Villa 2br/2ba

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Seacottage Villa 2br/1ba

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