Cardiff’s Kook - Southern California’s Most Famous Surfer


Commissioned from the Cardiff Botanical Society and created by Matthew Antichevich, the sculpture named by its creator "Magic Carpet Ride", was installed in 2007, near some of the best surf breaks along the San Diego coastline. Most surfers consider it a poor and completely uninspired representation of the "real" surfer. Since the installation, the statue has become the target of critics and pranksters from all over the world.

The statue's nickname -Kook- a derogatory term for a wannabe rider, has been given by the local surfers. Cardiff's infamous statue has its own website, calendar and multiple Facebook pages, it is also the subject of several articles and broadcasts.

Initially, the statue was supposed to include a wave cast in bronze, but the project was scaled back to save money, so the statue became a beginner surfer boy riding a board mounted on a granite block.

The Most Dressed Up Surfer of the World

The first wave of criticism and disapproval turned into a positive thing over time, the surfer boy statue attracting many visitors, bringing attention to the local community and prosperity to the local businesses. People started to dress up the sculpture or adorning it with items for various occasions, the Kook being costumed more often than not.

The most remarkable decorations of The Kook were:

  • A giant shark swallowing the Kook
  • Pink in support of breast cancer awareness
  • White gown for the Royal Wedding
  • A pterosaur attacking him
  • An Uncle Sam costume

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Cardiff-by-the-Sea is located just a couple of miles from San Diego and right next to Encinitas and Carlsbad.

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