Home Flood Temporary Rental Housing in Cardiff By The Sea


Weather can at times be merciless and can quickly turn our lives upside down. During this period, when there is so much anxiety and uncertainty in the air our homes are the only places that make us feel safe but when a natural disaster takes even that away, it can turn into an even more difficult time emotionally. This is the case for many families in San Diego County or Los Angeles County, whose houses got flooded during this period due to a heavy week-long storm. For them, this period proves to be much more challenging as they now need to find a temporary home, where they can feel safe and comfortable as they try to redo their homes. As the distancing measures are still in place and for many, staying with family or friends is not an option, the best solution is to find a rental property that can offer the comfort of a home-away-from-home.

The Advantages of Choosing a Vacation Rental as Temporary Housing

In a difficult situation such as the one we're facing during this period, it's important to have a place where you can feel safe, comfortable and which can make staying at home truly feel like a vacation. While it's true that there's no place like home, you might discover that a vacation rental can actually feel pretty close to home, and in some cases, can even help with morale boost as it might offer that feeling of tranquility you get when you vacation in a wonderful place. Choosing a vacation rental can have great advantages, especially if you rent directly from the owners.

  • Fully Furnished and Equipped

Nothing can make you feel further away from home than a hotel room or a property that lacks all the comfort that you are used to in your own house. A vacation property comes fully furnished and equipped with absolutely everything you need to feel like home, down to a barbeque grill! Apart from this, a colorful and unique decor can help you feel comfortable and help you actually enjoy spending time inside the house.

  • Open Spaces and Great Views

Unique interior design can go a long way but there's nothing better in a period like this than having a great yard or a deck where you can enjoy the sunset and a beautiful ocean view with your favorite beverage.

  • Space and Privacy

If you have a bigger family, having enough space so that everyone can have their privacy is extremely important, especially during this period when you spend most of your time at home. Our vacation rentals can host up to 6 guests with enough room that everybody feels comfortable and has much-needed privacy. Aside from that, a vacation rental is just like a regular home, in the sense that you have your own entrance, yard, and plenty of privacy from the neighbors too.

  • Location

Being in a good residential area, in the heart of a welcoming community, and close to all the necessities is extremely important. Cardiff-by-the-Sea is great in this perspective, offering you not only all of the above but beautiful ocean views as well, which can be a great morale boost, especially if you want to engage in some mediation sessions at sunrise!

  • Renting directly from the owners

Renting directly from the owners is the most advantageous option, as this saves you a lot of unnecessary taxes. Additionally, the owners are very flexible and can help you with whatever you need during your stay.

When Only the Best Will Do, Cardiff Vacations Is Here for You

During this difficult period, our properties are available to rent for those whose houses have been affected by the heavy storm and have flooded. We are here to help with everything you need to make your stay feel as much as possible like your home-away-from-home, in the heart of a warm and welcoming community!

Each one of our properties can accommodate up to 6 guests, in a unique decor with plenty of space so that everyone enjoys their privacy. Our rentals are fully furnished and equipped with everything you might need to have a perfect stay. You can choose between our Penthouse, our Parkhouse, or our Seacottage, where you can enjoy beautiful views in a tranquil atmosphere that can help you feel more relaxed and offer you the emotional comfort that's so needed in these times.