Housing Arrangements for Officers


Living on base might not be the best idea for many officers, especially if they have a family to take care of.

There's the pernicious prospect of environmental pollutants which hit the news lately, as well as sometimes draconian regulations concerning the maintenance of your Government Issue home; the constant noise of jet turbines, and other problems of a more moral nature that we are sure any good MP could provide details on.

Buying your own house is a better alternative for civilians than for active-duty officers, as they don't have to face the constant prospect of re-deployment, to which adding the additional stressor of having to sell a property is never welcomed.

A more viable option would be renting a property nearby, with some if not all of the cost being covered by the DoD's housing allowance for military personnel. Depending on the deal you strike with the owner, this could give you the option of leaving at any time.

What Cardiff-by-the-Sea Has to Offer

First things first, the commute between Cardiff-by-the-Sea and military installations in or near San Diego shouldn't take more than an hour of your time under normal traffic conditions. According to Google, it takes only 30 minutes to drive from Cardiff to downtown San Diego, and the town isn't all that far from LA either, making occasional visits there not much of a bother.

Otherwise, it offers what you would expect from an up-scale beach town; a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, good schools, and a beautiful view of the ocean. You can practice surfing from any of the beaches nearby such as the ones in Encinitas and Carlsbad and the area is recognized for its vineyards, so there's plenty of good wine at affordable prices available.

Local breweries produce some of the finest beers in SoCal, and number a veteran-owned business among them. Coffee aficionados will find themselves pleasantly surprised at the great care one of the local boutique-style business puts into the quality of its products.

Our Rentals

Cardiff Vacations offers high-end apartments in duplexes for short or long duration rentals. These are spacious enough for an entire family and come with all the utilities you will need for day to day living: fully equipped kitchens, two bathrooms, fast internet, etc.

One of our owners is a former Marine, so we are well aware of the particular strains active duty might place on a family, and we are ready to accommodate our guests accordingly.

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Seacottage Villa 2br/1ba

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