Licensed or Unlicensed? - Vacation Rentals in Cardiff


Located along the ever-fascinating Pacific Ocean coastline, North of San Diego and right next to Encinitas and Carlsbad, blessed with a mild climate year-round, Cardiff-by-the-Sea offers an ideal ambiance for vacations. Whether you prefer an action-packed dynamic getaway or you visit for a tranquil retreat, you'll enjoy your stay in our picturesque beach town.

The main part of the fun in Cardiff-by-the-Sea or as locals refer to it, Cardiff, are definitely the beach activities and water sports. However, some people visit this peaceful oceanside location for pure relaxation. The San Diego area has no shortage of first-class resorts, hotels or vacation rentals to choose from. But when it comes to choosing accommodation for your Cardiff vacation, we recommend vacation rentals.

The Unlicensed Vacation Rentals Issue

With the increased popularity of Airbnb, there are a high number of unlicensed short-term rentals in Encinitas and Cardiff. Airbnb and less known websites advertise numerous short-term unlicensed vacation rentals.

Encinitas adopted the permit requirement on short-term rentals in 2006, after complaints from residents about renters' wild, loud parties, parking problems, and other issues. Short-term rentals in the city are allowed with a permit in single-family homes and duplexes in residential zones.

First-class Accommodation for Your Cardiff Vacation

Cardiff-by-the-Sea operates as part of the city of Encinitas, but it has its own Zip Code, and it is a different community.

The Cardiff Vacation condos are registered as short-term vacation rentals that can be rented for 30 consecutive days or less. We are licensed and approved by the city of Encinitas. Our main goal is to offer a tranquil, modern oasis for your vacation that comes with elegant decor, top-notch amenities, and a beautiful ocean view. The Cardiff Vacation rentals were showcased in various home decor magazines, including the prestigious San Diego Home/Garden Magazine and have been rented several times for TV shows.

Only Rent From Reliable Sources

Scenic beaches, world-class surfing spots, renowned breweries, restaurants are just a few of the gems you'll find in our coastal community, that make Cardiff a one-of-a-kind vacation destination, so, it's not a surprise that vacation rentals are on high demand here.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in a stylish, spacious condo near the ocean? Find out by booking one of our Parkhouse, Penthouse condos or our cozy SeaCottage.

The accommodation you rent will be your home during your stay in Cardiff so it is important to have a place that fits your needs and style, in a pleasant, tranquil neighborhood.

A few days in our condos, designed and created for our clients' maximum comfort and satisfaction can create unique, impossible to forget experiences.