Benefits of Vacationing in an Ocean View Rental


Going on vacation sure is fun but it also requires some preparation if you want to make the most out of your time. When it comes to choosing the right accommodations, there are a few things to consider, such as:

  • amenities
  • location
  • view
  • price

Having an ocean view is something people usually look for in a vacation rental and it can significantly increase the quality of your stay. We've recently had the pleasure of hosting one of the people behind a popular San Diego local mom blog and they told us that one of their favorite things about our vacation homes was the gorgeous ocean view they offered.

Having an ocean view and being able to admire the sunrise and sunset from the comfort of your vacation home certainly brings some great benefits, especially during these pandemic times we are still living in. It:

  • saves you the time of walking to the beach
  • poses a lesser risk of contracting the virus
  • is more comfortable to admire the view
  • reduces stress levels
  • promotes happiness and tranquility
  • helps with depression
  • is a great way to recharge
  • improves sleep and helps with insomnia

Having an ocean view also means that you are close to the ocean. Admiring the ocean's beauty and breathing in its fresh air while taking a walk on the beach can offer you several benefits:

  • you soak up loads of vitamin D
  • it can improve physical health and wellbeing
  • sand and salty water is a natural exfoliant
  • it motivates you to exercise and stay active

Our Ocean View Rentals for the Best Vacation Experience in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Encinitas

We offer short or long-term apartment rentals in our three different villas: the Parkhouse, the Penthouse, and the cozy ocean side Seacottage. All properties are fully equipped with everything you may need so you won't have to worry about a thing. They benefit from a fast internet connection and best of all, offer some gorgeous ocean views that can be taken in from your room or the fully furnished decks.

Our Encinitas vacation homes are conveniently located in a beautiful natural setting, close to the beach and local major attractions but still just 20 minutes away from the lively city of San Diego.

Because we value your safety above all else, our homes are regularly and thoroughly cleaned as per CDC regulations to ensure you have the best and safest stay in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Encinitas.

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