Cardiff Penthouse Showcased in San Diego Home/Garden April 2019


Cardiff-by-the-Sea is a popular destination thanks to its sandy wide beaches and world-famous surfing spots. In this picturesque seaside village, the ever-fascinating San Diego vibe meets the cozy beach town atmosphere. Whether you want to spend a few relaxed days by the ocean or you're looking for some new adventures on the water, this hidden beach spot in between Carlsbad and Encinitas is the ideal place for your family or friends vacation.

When you start planning your vacation you choose carefully the destination, the programs, and the accommodation. Booking online or by phone by the owner will give you a lot of benefits and your preferences will be held in consideration. Finding a place to stay that fits all your needs and preferences is essential since this will be the place where you'll wake up every morning, where you rest after a long day on the beach and this will be the place where you gather your family and friends in the evening. When we started the Penthouse remodeling project, we wanted to create an upscale retreat for the maximum comfort and satisfaction of our guests.

Cardiff Penthouse in San Diego Home/Garden Magazine

The Cardiff Penthouse was showcased in San Diego Home/Garden magazine. The house was entirely remodeled by a talented professional interior designer who used her skills, inspiration, and creativity to transform the property into a contemporary luxury oasis. The result inspired even the editors of the prestigious San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine to showcase it in the April edition.

I think it is every interior designer's and homeowner's dream: seeing your work and your property that you're proud of being showcased on the pages of a well-known magazine.

The issues of the San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine presents the most inspiring local homes and gardens, provides inspiring, useful articles and quality photography. We invested work, passion, and love to create a beautiful home for those who wish to spend their vacation in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, we are proud of the final result and we are more than happy to have it showcased in the San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine.

Whether you wish to immerse in the casual elegance of the house and to savor the breathtaking ocean view or rush to grab your surfboard and head to the beach to catch some waves, your stay in the Cardiff Penthouse will be unforgettable.

Rent the luxury Cardiff Penthouse separately or book the entire Penthouse-Parkhouse duplex if you have a larger event.

Enjoy your moments in this amazing house, enjoy the magic of Cardiff-by-the-Sea.