Why Residential Apartments Are Preferable to Hotels for Corporate Housing


Most people who need to stay for extended durations in a different city usually turn to apartment-style lodgings that offer the day-to-day functionality and comfort of a regular home. Fully furnished apartments also hold a price advantage over alternatives, being some 40% cheaper than hotel rooms by most estimates.

To boot, prices for residential apartments are a lot more stable than you would expect from hotels, which tend to charge different seasonal rates and spike prices during significant events such as local festivals or national holidays.

As would be natural for a home away from home, guests in residential apartments aren't expected to abide by the same set of tight rules characteristic of hotels. Most property owners allow their rent-payers to bring pets or cook on the premises.

Renting an Apartment Gives You More Freedom

Apartments offered by Cardiff Vacations come with fully equipped kitchens, and we focused as much on practicality as we did on style in their design; and considering we were included in a number of home decor magazines, that is indeed saying something!

Booking to a residential apartment is best done directly with the owners. This gives tenants a lot of freedom to make specific demands or enact some minor changes in order to better suit their particular needs. Most hotels won't let their guests bring in things like fish aquariums, but property owners might even help them set it up.

It's Only a Short Drive between Our Properties and San Diego

The only advantage hotel rooms would have for corporate housing over an apartment is proximity to the city center, and presumably the guest's workplace. Cardiff-by-the-Sea is sufficiently close to downtown San Diego for any commute to take around half an hour, which is less than the average most American workers have to drive for work every day.

Residential apartments would ideally offer the same relaxing atmosphere as a regular home. After all, returning to a space one finds bothersome day in day out for months on end can take a tall on a person's psyche.

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Live in Style!

We at Cardiff Vacations took great care to give our Parkhouse and Penthouse apartments a cozy atmosphere, while still maintaining a modern, stylish look that would impress sophisticated guests.

Our condos also come with a beautiful ocean view, access to a deck from where you can take it all in, and the town itself makes for comfortable, coquettish surroundings.

Chances are that living here will feel more like a vacation than a business trip.