San Diego Beach Vacations Post Coronavirus Pandemic


The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus and the strict lockdown rules imposed by the government in order to slow the spread have all had a tough impact on almost every aspect of our life. As summer is almost fully here, many are wondering what will happen to their vacation plans, how long are these restrictions going to be in place and most importantly, when will we able to fully enjoy the beautiful SoCal beaches.

One good news is that for the time being, Southern California has had a very low infection rate compared to other areas, with around 5.000 cases in the San Diego area. Considering this, state officials have decided to gradually reopen the beaches and some businesses, in the hopes that soon things will return to normal. For the next period, some restrictions will still be in place, and continuing to practice social distancing, wearing masks, and regularly washing our hands is still extremely important in order to flatten the curve. But despite that, there are many things to look forward to, and perhaps summer vacations don't need to be canceled.

San Diego Area Beaches Reopen With Some Restrictions

After a long period of strict restrictions, the San Diegan beaches are finally opening up to the public, so if you've been dreaming about taking a swim in the ocean or getting back on that surfboard, now you can. Despite the fact that there are still some restrictions and protection measures that we need to respect, opening the beaches can do wonders for morale and mental health, not to mention for our bodies since sport can improve immunity.

Most cities in SoCal have decided to open their beaches, and on most of them it is allowed to swim, surf, jog, paddle, and kayak?while respecting social distancing measures and wearing a mask in narrow places (like stairwells), where taking a distance of 6ft from others is impossible. Gatherings, group sports, and laying on the beach is still not allowed. In case you're from the SoCal area and can't wait to get back in the ocean, here are the cities with open beaches.

    • San Diego
    • Solana Beach
    • Carlsbad
    • Del Mar
    • Coronado
    • Encinitas
    • Oceanside

Parks, hiking trails, tennis courts, and golf courses are also opening, with the same rule of social distancing and wearing masks.

Traveling to Cardiff-by-the-Sea During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Right now, traveling between states is not advisable but if you're from the SoCal area and in need of a change of scenery where you can enjoy the beach and feel like you're on a normal vacation, Cardiff-by-the-Sea is waiting for you. Our accommodations are thoroughly sanitized, private, and decorated in a bright and unique way that can help you unwind and relax, and maybe even offer you a sense of normalcy during this period.

We strive to offer our guests the best, and the best we can offer at this moment is safety. Each one of our rentals has their own private deck where you can enjoy beautiful views, complete privacy, and can host up to 6 guests, You can choose between our Penthouse, Parkhouse, or Seacottage.