Things to Do on Valentine's Day in Cardiff-by-the-Sea


With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you're probably thinking what's the best way to surprise your significant other. Sure, flowers, chocolates, and thoughtful gifts are always welcome but why not go the extra mile this year?

Take your special someone on a romantic adventure in Cardiff-by-the-Sea! You can enjoy the best views of the ocean while sipping a glass of wine, take a long walk on the beach with the sound of the waves accompanying you, have a romantic dinner in a special spot or have fun at one of the events that celebrate love! If you're a little short of time and in need of a guide for this Valentine's, don't worry, we've prepared the perfect tips for the most romantic day of the year!

Best Romantic Restaurants in Cardiff-by-the-Sea (And Close to It)

You can expect that most restaurants already have a special menu prepared for Valentine's day and most of them need booking in advance. But when it comes to romance, nothing sets the mood better than sharing some tasty dishes. In case you're not quite sure what place to pick, we're giving you a list of our favorite restaurants in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and close to it:

  • Pacific Coast Grill: This is the perfect place to have your Valentine's day dinner if you love seafood. And you know that there's nothing more romantic than having a candlelit dinner with a spectacular view of the ocean. That's exactly what you'll get here.
  • Cicciotti's Trattoria Italiana: It's a known fact that when it comes to romance and food, the Italians have pretty much mastered the field. This place is rated as one of the best authentic Italian restaurants in the San Diego area, with a wide menu where you can find everything from fresh pasta to delicious Italian desserts.
  • Ki's Restaurant: Right across the street from the ocean, you can find this wonderful restaurant that offers a wide selection of delicious dishes, in a more relaxed atmosphere. So if you have a more casual approach to Valentine's dinner, this is the perfect spot for you. Additionally, they often have live music events with various local musicians which gives an extra touch to the romantic and bohemian atmosphere.
  • Herb & Sea in Encinitas: If you are craving some good coastal cuisine, you need to book a table for your Valentine's day dinner at this place. The design of the restaurant is a blend of historical and contemporary Encinitas, with a beautiful view of the ocean. The menu has a mix of seafood and meats with a heavy focus on local vegetables, a carefully curated wine list and delicious desserts that you can share with your loved one as you admire the sunset.
  • Mille Fleurs in Rancho Santa Fe: For a romantic Valentine's day dinner, you know you can never go wrong with french. This award-winning restaurant offers a variety of fantastic french dishes topped with a romantic atmosphere created by live piano music.
  • Pacifica in Del Mar: This spot has been awarded the Gold Medallion for Best Seafood Dining in San Diego and it's definitely a good pick for Valentine's dinner, not just for the exquisite dishes but also for the beautiful ocean views you can enjoy while dining and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the place.

Best Spots for a Romantic Walk

Picking a place like Cardiff-by-the-Sea to celebrate Valentine's day gives you a lot of options for romantic spots. From beautiful beaches where you can have a walk enjoying the ocean sound, to parks and trails where you're surrounded by nature and wonderful views. The whole area makes you feel like you're in a fairytale from the moment you step foot in it. But in case you're not sure where exactly to go for this particular occasion, we have some great picks for you:

  • Moonlight Beach is one of the most popular spots to catch a sunset, laying on the sand with your significant other. The colors of the sky as the moon slowly rises up are absolutely fantastic and guaranteed to set the tone for a romantic night. Not to mention that it's a great spot where you can take a couple of pictures.
  • The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch is one of the most spectacular displays of nature and color you can find. Nearly fifty acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus make for a great spot to have a walk and take some romantic couples pictures. Normally they come to fully bloom around the beginning of March, but depending on the weather you might get lucky to see the full-color spectacle even on Valentine's day.
  • The Self Realization Meditation Gardens is another beautiful spot surrounded by nature where you can have a romantic walk, admire the flowers and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere there. Just perfect to recharge your batteries and prepare for a night full of romance.
  • Swami's Beach is perfect for a long walk hand in hand with your significant other, admiring the ocean and the beautiful surroundings. It wraps you in a peaceful sensation and will definitely make for a great spot to enjoy some wine while gazing into each other's eyes.
  • Annie's Canyon Trail is perfect for the more adventurous couple who love spending some romantic time together hiking. The views are absolutely gorgeous and worth the trip, and you'll come out with some amazing pictures as well.
  • The Sea Life Aquarium in Carlsbad is a great way to spend an afternoon if you want to learn about what lies beneath the oceans after taking a walk on the beach. It might not sound like the most traditionally romantic adventure at first, but once you're there you'll be mesmerized by the beautiful displays and the exotic fish.

Best Events for a Romantic Night

So you've had your daylight adventures and a romantic candlelit dinner but you don't want your night to finish here? Don't worry, there's a lot of great events scheduled for Valentine's day in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and around it. Considering it's so close to San Diego, you have a lot of options from concerts and movies to special parties!

Best Romantic Spot to End Your Night

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