Why Las Vegas Residents Choose to Vacation in Cardiff-by-the-Sea?


Each year we have tourists from Las Vegas in our beautiful beach town for monthly or weekly rentals. The best time for Las Vegas residents to travel to San Diego and the surrounding beach towns is during the summer months. Apart from its beautiful beaches, Cardiff-by-the-Sea offers a lot of activities that you can enjoy while on vacation.

From sports to meditation, concerts, and craft brewery tours, there's something here for everyone's preferences, which is one of the reasons this place is so popular amongst tourists.

Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife, but let's face it, it's in the desert. So, one of the reasons that make the San Diego area so popular among Las Vegas residents is the year-round mild weather. You can't say the same about Vegas, which is considered the fastest-warming city in the United States. The heatwaves and wind can be quite uncomfortable in and outside the city.

Year-round great weather with sunshine, the ocean breeze, and world-famous surf spots make Cardiff-by-the-Sea particularly appealing among Las Vegas residents who want to escape from the boiling temperatures of the Nevada desert. If you are one of those people who dream of a luxury vacation spent lazing on the beach or riding the waves, Cardiff-by-the-Sea is just the ideal place for you.

If it's your first time thinking about traveling from Las Vegas to San Diego, you're probably wondering what are the highlights of this place and what can you do to immerse in the Cardiff vacation experience. You know, the things that make everyone want to keep coming back here. Here are some of the best things Cardiff-by-the-Sea has to offer:

  • Sandy beaches with crystal water, where you can enjoy the surroundings, take a sunbath and a refreshing swim in the ocean.
  • Great surfing spots like Swami Beach and Cardiff Reef, where you can ride the waves and explore all the new surfing techniques you dreamt of trying.
  • Amazing hiking trails where you can burn off some vacation calories while also enjoying a relaxing day with your family or friends, surrounded by nature's best creations.
  • Refined cuisine and the famous local craft beer that you absolutely need to try and enjoy without any holdbacks. You're on vacation!
  • Horse Racing, Concerts and other events that will make you connect with the community and fall in love with it.

Plan Your Vacation in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Cardiff-by-the-Sea is a casual and laid-back beach town, ideally located next to Encinitas and Carlsbad. You'll find here restaurants offering some of the finest dining options with extra attention to seafood, great places to enjoy nature and relax, events and activities for every taste and a community that is so welcoming that you'll feel like you never want to leave this place! Even though the location sees the most traffic May through September, it's a great family or friends vacation venue in all seasons.

The best way to enjoy a vacation is by choosing the right accommodation, that gives you that boost of energy in the morning when you open the drapes and see the sun shining over a beautiful view. If you book our cozy Seacottage you'll get that exact sensation every morning, as you will enjoy the most beautiful view of the ocean!