Why Los Angeles Residents Choose to Vacation in Cardiff-by-the-Sea?


Are you in need of a romantic escape? Do you want to surprise your lover with a few days in a quaint place? You might find the ever-fascinating LA too crowded for that. Couples choose Cardiff-by-the-Sea for its beautiful sights, wide beaches, romantic beach houses, top-notch restaurants, and luxury vacation rentals. Stand apart from the crowd and immerse in the relaxed vibe of this beautiful beach town where you can do much more than just go to the beach and book a table at your favorite restaurant.

In Cardiff-by-the-Sea you can enjoy exceptional amenities and interesting events. The amazing ocean view is very soothing and time spent near the ocean regenerates. The visitors also have an abundance of choices in and around Cardiff-by-the-Sea for fun and relaxation.

Relax and Regenerate in a Tranquil and Beautiful Environment

For fun and excitement explore:

  • the sandy beaches of the area
  • the famous surfing spots
  • San Diego's best craft breweries
  • the challenging Annie Canyon's and Manchester Preserve hiking trails

To relax and regenerate enjoy the tranquility of:

  • the Self Realization Fellowship's meditation gardens
  • the Encinitas Parks
  • the sunset on the beach

The Self Realization Fellowship founded by one of the greatest Indian yogis Paramahamsa Yogananda offers a unique spiritual experience for visitors. Time spent in the beautiful, lush meditation gardens, open daily for individual meditation and contemplation will bring peace, calm and regeneration on all levels.

Find the Perfect Love Nest for Your Romantic Vacation

A big part of making your vacation truly enjoyable is finding the perfect accommodation. You want a place that makes you feel like home right away, while having all the perks of a vacation location, such as amazing views, quiet and intimacy. Our rentals have been designed specifically to offer you everything you need to complete your perfect vacation. You can choose between our luxurious Penthouse our Parkhouse if you want to spend a few days in a swanky ambiance with a New York-style sophisticated touch or rent our Seacottage for a romantic retreat by the ocean. The evening sunsets will become a lot more magical if you enjoy them from your private deck, with a glass of your favorite drink, while gazing at the beautiful view of the ocean and cuddling up close to your loved one.