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Whether you are an experienced writer or you are just starting and trying your luck with it, you probably experienced by now a "writer's block", a lack of inspiration that can go on for quite some time.

The best remedy for this is to do something different, take a break from your daily routine, and maybe go traveling. A change of scenery could be just what you need. Your success will be assured if you combine this with other mind-stimulating practices such as:

  • Yoga and Physical Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Spending Quality Time in Nature

Cardiff-by-the-Sea is the perfect destination for a getaway that will offer your mind a reset and boost your creativity. The surrounding nature is simply beautiful, there are plenty of beaches that offer stunning views of the ocean and some pretty amazing sunset-watching spots.

A very popular, gorgeous natural reserve is Torrey Pines Park. Here you can take a hike up through

  • Breathtaking Coastal Sights<.strong>
  • Pine Forests
  • Sandstone Canyons
  • Rugged Cliffs
  • Bluffs Overlooking the Ocean
  • Hiking trails

The famous surfing spot, Swami's Beach, is located near Cardiff-by-the-Sea. An internationally known surfing spot, located in Encinitas, where surfers from all around the world gather to tackle the ocean's untamed waves, especially during the fall-winter seasons when waves can surpass 10 feet.

Watching the local experienced surfers tackle the untamed ocean waves is bound to give you a new perspective on things and give you the push you need, especially if this is something new to you.

When you're feeling stuck, some physical exercise may be just what you need. Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist and author who wrote a book focused on the brain's influence on our lives called "Healthy brain, happy life", says that in addition to its stress-reducing, mind-focusing, productivity-inducing, and memory-enhancing properties, there is evidence supporting the idea that physical exercise could boost creativity.

Yoga may be the best form of exercise as it also quiets the mind and brings it into a more focused state. There are several popular yoga places near Cardiff-by-the-Sea that offer routines to suit anyone, from total beginners to advanced yogis.

Finding the Best Place to Write In

After recharging yourself and getting into your creative mode, the next important step is finding the right place to write in. Popular places among writers, in Encinitas' area, include:

  • Public libraries

This is the first location that comes to mind for many of us; after all, we probably already did some writing there during college. And what better place to be for inspiration than surrounded by the works of previous authors?

However, most public libraries right now aren't in the best of shapes and don't have the same attendance as they used to. Sure enough, there still are some decent libraries left in the US; the word is our own public library in Cardiff-by-the-Sea doesn't share the problems of its larger counterparts.

  • Coffee Shops

The image of the hipster writing away at his laptop in a Cafe is a cliche for a reason. Coffee is a great way to keep you alert, and most Coffee shops will have some food and juices on tap, so you can have a snack when you get hungry. There are plenty of coffee shops in and around Cardiff-by-the-Sea so you are bound to find one to meet your taste.

  • Beaches

If you're in love with the sight and sound of the ocean, there's no better place for reflection than the beach! Many writers are said to have thought out their best works while contemplating the endless movement of the waves.

Depending on where you live, this won't be an option, or at least not a year-round one, but running away to a sunny place during the winter months is always a possibility! And here, in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, you'll find some of the most inspiring beaches.

  • Museums

Admiring the world's art, technology, or natural history is another great way to pick up ideas. Museums also tend to offer a quiet place for reflection as these never get crowded and all decent people feel like hushing their voices when inside one.

Ocean View Rentals for the Perfect Creativity Boosting Vacation

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